About Alexander Rogerson, MD

Alexander Rogerson, MD was born in New England just south of Boston in Milton, Massachusetts. He attended school there and made up his mind, while still in school, that he wanted to be a doctor. He and a friend used to take the subway to Boston and sit in the amphitheater in the Massachusetts General Hospital and watch surgical operations pretending to be medical students.

He was accepted at Harvard College and was eventually accepted and sent by the army to Harvard Medical School. He graduated in 1947 and has been involved in medical care since then. Because of his long medical career and his involvement in so many types of medical care and his strong feelings about how medical care should be provided, he decided to write this book.

His career has involved his training at Boston Children’s Hospital, Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital, and Philadelphia Children’s Hospital; his draft into the army as a medical department private during World War II and as a medical officer during the Korean War. This provided five and one-half years of experience with army medicine. After the Korean War, he was a half-time academic instructor at UCSF (UC medical school) for two years and a member of the Berkeley Pediatric Medical Group, the first prepay medical group in the US. He left the university after two years but remained on the clinical faculty at UCSF, eventually becoming an associate clinical professor. He practiced with the Berkeley group for thirty-five years as a general pediatric physician.

After his retirement, he continued to teach and completed fifty-three years of teaching at Oakland Children’s Hospital (being the only physician in the history of the hospital to be on the active staff for over fifty years). He also worked as a physician for the Navaho (Diné) Native American tribe, Kaiser Permanente HMO, a prepay group in Oakland, California, and as a “locum tenens” in the pediatric group in Truckee (a small group in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California).


A Long Road to the Right Kind of Care